Workshops & School Presentations

Alice DiMicele has taught many workshops for both adults and children.  She and her bandmates are available for school visits to play for kids in classrooms or at school assemblies and they love to do this while on the road. Along with standard performance in schools, Alice and her bassist Rob Kohler have  worked in classrooms along with music teachers to teach kids one of her songs and also to write songs. She is also available to do stand alone workshops or to teach at the festivals she performs at. Some workshop options are:

Songcatching: This is Alice's signature songwriting workshop that includes writing exercises, philosophy of why we write songs, technics for allowing songs to emerge naturally, and much more. This can be presented as a lecture or a hands-on workshop with participation.  

Developing Resonance: A voice workshop that includes exercises, philosophy, and a section on natural vocal care for singers. This can be presented as a lecture or as an experiential workshop. 

Build a Band: Alice and her band have presented many successful workshops over the years for youth using her critically acclaimed "If I Were an Otter: Songs for Kids of All Ages" album/if-i-were-an-otter-songs-for-kids-of- all-ages; recording and songbook. most recently at The Icicle Creek Center for the Arts. Her long time bassist, Rob Kohler, has been The Education Director at Stanford Jazz Workshop and Director of the Middle School Jazz program at the New Orleans Center of Creative Arts. Alice has taught both songwriting and Vocal workshops at many festivals, schools, and events. Violinist Crystal Reeves has taught music for decades including at Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and many festivals. We can taylor this workshop to be for youth or adults or both and it can be presented on a stage or as an experiential workshop.