Live at the Straw House!


I had so much fun at one of my favorite venues, The Straw House in Corvallis, Oregon on November 16th 2019. I played a solo show and since the venue is also a recording studio, we captured the whole show. I've decided to offer it as a special gift to my Patreon Patrons. My patrons choose a tier (each tier gives special benefits) and offer a monthly donation (starting at $1.) This program is helping me to stay connected to the folks who love my music! Patreon helps create a stable income for me that doesn't include constant travel. (Don't worry, I won't stop touring!)

I value the relationships I am building through this service and I hope you will join us. 

Anyone who joins will be able to listen to the album online and anyone who joins at $5 a month or more will receive a free download of the album Live at the Straw House which is a double live album --FULL SHOW recording!

Thanks for your love and support! Please join at


Alice DiMicele